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Hope Stephens

Elegant Pig Brewery 


Elegant Pig Brewery is a recent project that features creative label and packaging designs inspired by the words elegant and pig. A project that showcases unique and innovative designs that are meant to stand out in the market. The project features illustrations that depict a character that fits the label's theme and a carefully chosen typography that complements the design.


I started sketching my illustration of the pig, the illustration's goal was to give the packaging some character within the tone of the brand. once I was happy with it I messed around with various types of designs until I found something that fit the tone of voice of the brand. I then added green and purple hues to the packaging to help it feel more elegant.


I concentrated on allowing the typography to convey the desired tone of voice and complemented it with an illustration that reinforced the message. The aim was to achieve an elegant yet rustic ambiance and appearance for the label.

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