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Hope Stephens


Hello! My name is Hope Stephens,
I'm a graphic designer living in Eugene OR, currently working as a Senior Designer & Photographer at the MU Creative studio at Oregon State University. My time at the Creative Studio has given me elevated knowledge in Adobe CC and improved my illustration and photography skills. As a passionate and motivated professional, I constantly strive to improve my techniques, expand my skill set, and find new growth opportunities.
Each of my solo and collaborative projects has provided this growth and allowed me to establish myself within this competitive industry. When I'm not stuck at my computer you can find me hiking local trails, learning a new recipe, enjoying karaoke with friends, or watching a movie on the couch with my cat and Fiance. Please enjoy my portfolio, and feel free to contact me with any questions!

My Values

Positive Work Environment
Spreading Kindness To Everyone

It is with great gratitude that I embark on a career path that aligns with my passions and aspirations. However, I firmly believe that success is not solely measured by individual achievements but also by a positive and supportive workplace culture. It is essential that not only I, but also my colleagues, foster an environment where we uplift and motivate each other to achieve our shared objectives!

Everyone no matter their race, gender identity, and religion everyone deserves respect and kindness, and I carry that value with me everywhere I go. I try to put a smile on at least one person’s face because you never know what someone else is going through.

I came from a family where if I wanted to be successful outside of our small town I had to put aside countless hours and work to make sure I could reach where I wanted to go. I understand that to succeed in any job you must put the work in and reach above the standards!

The strongest work I have is the designs that I've discussed with other designers. One of my guiding principles is that everyone has something to teach, and it's easier to navigate the next steps and generate ideas when you talk through your process with others.

Collaboration Is Key
Success Comes From Hard Work
Collaboration Is Key

Fun Fact

Let me share a lesser-known aspect of myself - I have a deep affection for animals! Throughout my upbringing, I had the good fortune of having a variety of furry, scaly, and feathery companions, including cats, dogs, hamsters, turtles, and even a hedgehog. These delightful creatures brought me boundless happiness and instilled in me the invaluable lessons of unwavering love and caregiving.
Presently, my heart belongs to my 2-year-old cat named Loki, and my kitten Sylvie who I recently adopted after fostering. The opportunity to rescue and care for stray animals has been an incredibly rewarding experience.

Looking ahead, my fiancé and I have set our sights on expanding our family to include a canine companion once we complete our college education. Who says you can't balance a fulfilling career with a bustling household?

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